Why did I launch Apt Cavalier?

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A lot of people questioned my sanity when I talked about launching an equestrian brand in what can only be described as a very competitive market. So why did I do it? The answer is simple; it just made sense.


I graduated with a BAHons in Fashion Design in 2012 and being a serious (amateur) eventer, I know my market inside out and back to front. Since graduating from University, I have gathered experience in business management, finance and marketing to ensure that I could not only launch a business, but that I would have the tools in place to run it successfully.


I’m not going to pretend that there was a gap in the market which needed to be filled, because the truth is that there are loads of Equestrian brands out there which do an amazing job. However, equestrians are such a passionate breed, who genuinely live and breathe their sport (I include myself in this category), which means there will always be a demand for top quality riding apparel.



I love everything about Eventing, and live for my weekends out competing my SuperCob, Woody, who I event up to BE Novice. I’m actually out there in the field doing exactly what my customers do, feeling what they feel and experiencing the problems that they experience which is the key to making Apt Cavalier a success.


Take our Performance Skins for example. Designed initially for wearing cross-country but can also be worn during training and around the yard. My biggest problem on the cross-country course was that I was too hot; when I finished my round, I was red in the face, uncomfortable and desperate to get my body protector off. I wanted to create something that eliminated this discomfort so that the only thing I would have to think about at the end of my round was what an amazing feeling it gave me, and how clever my SuperCob had been. I wanted to create something that meant my attention is first and foremost on caring for my horse, and cooling him down, rather than having to dart into the lorry to strip off first.



The AC Skin has been created using extremely high quality Italian technical fabric which provides muscle support, is super breathable, stain resistant, pilling resistant, repels oils, has built in UV protection plus its super soft and fits like a second skin. Additionally, the bottom half of the back panel is constructed using opaque mesh, giving ultimate breathability; I can actually feel the air rushing through it when I am riding, meaning I stay cool and sweat is significantly reduced under my body protector. Seriously, when I am finished XC I never take mine off, there’s no need. I can comfortably wear it around the show ground for the rest of the day and feel fresh as a daisy. 


I think the Skins are my favourite piece from the whole collection – I wear them training at home and even when I’m out jogging! I’m really proud of them, and have received emails and messages from happy customers who can’t believe the difference they make, and how comfortable they feel when they are wearing them.


This is why I created Apt Cavalier, to make a difference.



Photography by Dave Cameron Photography and Stevie Purves Photography

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