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Apt Cavalier is an Equestrian Performance Brand which arrived with a bang in 2017 and is already making waves in the Eventing world. We have countless happy customers ranging from amateur riders competing at Grassroots to professionals who are tackling the toughest 4* tracks in the world.

We promise you three things - quality, performance and innovation. 

We have paired luxurious, technical fabrics with perfectly placed vents and mesh inserts to help regulate the riders body temperature, whether it be showjumping, dressage or out on the cross-country course. Our bespoke range is intelligently designed to maximize movement and ensure optimum comfort, giving you the confidence and security needed to perform at your absolute best.  Hot and bothered riders make mistakes, which is why our breathable and wicking fabrics and designs are created to dramatically reduce sweat and prevent you from overheating. Your comfort and safety is always our number one priority. 

Additionally all of our performance wear is made right here in the UK, constructed from the most innovative technical fabrics sourced from Europe.  

I'm always delighted to hear from you so click on our Contact page if you have any questions or just want to say 'Hi'. 

Happy shopping everyone

Sarah x

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The Team  



Sarah Johnstone 

Founder & CEO 
Fashion Design graduate, accomplished business leader and amateur Eventer  

I graduated from University with an Honours degree in Fashion Design in 2012, and have spent the last four years perfecting the right industry skills to not only start up my own business, but to ensure I had the knowledge and tools in place to make it a success. I have experience in Business, Marketing, Sales and Finance; combine this with my 20 years in the Equestrian world and there is no doubt that Apt Cavalier will be a success.  
Combining my degree with my love of the competitive equestrian world just made sense. Apt Cavalier has already grown from a small idea into an exciting International business. My aim was to create performance wear that the professionals will love to ride in, at a price amateurs can afford.

I also have two exciting horses who are competing on the Eventing circuit: Woody (better know as SuperCob) is competing at BENovice and Hugo is just a youngster but has scope to burn and is all set for an exciting Eventing career. 

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Dave Cameron

Media Partner
Photographer, filmographer and daredevil mountain biker

When I started planning photo shoots, there really was only one option for us. Dave had been on my radar for a long time after coming across him on Instagram; his photos do not simply show a beautiful picture, but somehow always captured the emotion and partnership of horse and rider which is something special indeed. He spots shots that others don't, and captures moments of success, gratitude and joy between two best friends from different species.

Working with Dave is a pleasure and I am thrilled to have him on board with us, not only does he take amazing photographs but he’s pretty talented in the kitchen, and always shows up with some amazing baking! #TeamDave

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Photo by Stevie Purves Photography


Giorgia Burns

Brand Ambassador
International Eventer, Coach and self-confessed comedian

On first meeting Giorgia it was clear she is going to be a star; she is kind hearted but determined which is the perfect formula for getting the most out of a horse. Giorgia has competed successfully up to 2* and now has a team of horses behind her which will no doubt take her 4*.

Roly and Boss are currently working their way up through the ranks and are competing at Novice/1* comfortably. Star is having fun at Grassroots level, Tag is an exciting and exuberant youngster who is just starting out and new girl on the block, Pinky has paces to die for at just three years old.

By offering our support, we believe that we can really help Giorgia climb to the very top of the sport - and we get a good laugh along the way!

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Jodie Neill

Brand Ambassador
Intermediate Eventer, Dentist and spaniel collector

The partnership between Jodie and her chestnut mare Clover (Pops) is obvious to anyone who comes across them and they have worked hard to move up the ranks from BE80 to Intermediate with their sights firmly set on 2*. Both horse and rider have such obvious talent and are a joy to watch, which is why we snapped Jodie up as a brand ambassador. Jodie is perfect to represent Apt Cavalier as she embodies passion and determination but combines it with kindness and consideration for Pops at all times. Her elegant riding technique is something special and something I am sure we all strive to achieve.

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Pumbaa Goess-Saurau

Brand Ambassador

3* Eventer, wine connoisseur & nicknamed after a cartoon warthog 

Pumbaa joined the team in 2018 and we are delighted to have her blogging for us throughout her eventing journey this year. Pumbaa has a team of fantastic horses including Super Soots who is an absolute cross country machine making massive 3* fences look about BE90! Ellie is absolutely gorgeous and has stepped up to Intermediate this season with scope to follow in Sooty's footsteps and head for the top of the sport.

Pumbaa's blogs are clever, hilarious and will capture your attention without a doubt so head over to our Blog tab to have a read.  

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