Meet the Cavaliers - Kitty Marlow

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We’ve had a little break with loads going on but welcome back to our 'Meet the Cavalier" blog series. Quick reminder - each blog will focus on one of Apt Cavalier's biggest fans, from those who have been with us from the very start to some who literally have one of every item in our collection.

So here we go, let’s meet our next Cavalier and long-standing AC fanatic Kitty Marlow…. 

AC: Who are you and where are you based?
K: My name is Kitty Marlow I’m 13 years old and from Hearts.
AC: Can you tell us a bit about your horses and what you do with them?
K: At the moment I have three horses competing:
Paddy is a 15.1hh Connemara who is 18 years old and Eventing upt o BE100.

Margo is a 15.2hh Swedish warmblood who is seven this year and has competed up to 110cm SJ and BE90.

Finally, Pickles is 14.2hh section D x dales which explains his overexaggerated movement!! He competes BD preliminary at the moment.

AC: What is your ultimate equestrian goal?
K: My ultimate equestrian goal would obviously be to make it to 5*!! But for this season I am hoping to do some BE105s and ultimately compete Margo at BENovice by the end of the season.

AC: What was it about Apt Cavalier that made you want to invest in our brand?
K: My family and I are really good friends with Kirsty Short who competed around Badminton and Burghley wearing one of the Apt Cavalier Performance Skins when the brand first launched.  I saw her Skin and really liked it so went on to the website and ended up completely loving it!! I really like the little personalised thank you note that you send with each order as it shows that you really love your customers.

AC: What is your favourite AC product and why?
K: I can’t pick ahh!! I love the Soft-shell Jacket and the Navy Performance Skin but I genuinely love all of your products and can’t wait to get my hands on some new products this year! I literally live in AC as I wear it riding obviously and for netball, sports and always for Yoga.

Massive thank you to Kitty for taking the time to share her story with us and for being such a fantastic customer of Apt Cavalier. 
If you would like to follow Kitty’s season then please go and follow her on Instagram here and we will see you next week for the next instalment of “Meet the Cavaliers”. 

Sarah x

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