Meet the Cavaliers - Giselle Stent

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Welcome to the very first of our 'Meet the Cavalier" blog series. Each blog will focus on one of Apt Cavalier's biggest fans, from those who have been with us from the very start to some who literally have one of every item in our collection.

So here we go, let's meet our very first Cavalier, Giselle Stent…. 

AC: So for starters, who are you and where are you based?
G: My name is Giselle Stent and I'm a 17 year old Eventer from Surrey in the UK. 

AC: Can you tell us a bit about your horses and what you do with them?
G:I currently own two fabulous horses: Marshall and Jinx. 

Marshall is our newest addition only being together for six months; he is a seven year old Warmblood with bags of talent and the most loving personality. Our biggest aim is to be competing Novice BE in 2020! 

Jinx is the complete opposite in terms of looks being a cob X. I have owned him for 4 years now and we have done everything together. We do mainly small shows in any discipline now as I have limited time due to A-levels.   

AC: What is you ultimate equestrian goal?
G: My personal ultimate equestrian goal is to be a yard owner and known horse producer whilst eventing alongside. The thought of starting off young horses for an experienced Eventer to take over is hugely thrilling and a big goal of mine! 

AC: What was it about Apt Cavalier that made you want to invest in our brand?
G: I bought my first two items of Apt Cavalier at the end of June in 2017! 

The two I bought were a White SJ Numnah and a Black Hatsilk. I was very keen to support this brand after seeing them start and grow on Instagram. I followed the designs and concepts right up till the release date when I could finally get some for myself!! 

My first time using these products was on the 5th July 2017 and oh, was I impressed. The Numnah was so stunning and the quality and stitching was impeccable. The Hatsilk was so super smart and I loved it so much I wore it every-ride after.  Even now the Numnah still comes out sparkly clean and ready for use, as well as the Hatsilk. Since 2017 I have collected even more AC gear including; White baselayer, Black Softshell Jacket, Black Leggings, Grey T-shirt and another SJ Numnah in Black! 

AC: What is your favourite AC product and why?
G: My two fave items if I really had to choose would be my black leggings and the Numnah's! I love how I can go out Jumping in the leggings, go for a run, then pop into town without looking like a sweaty mess with funny clothes on ???? And the Numnah's as they are such a key piece of my horses riding gear, and I know they are brilliant quality and look super smart wherever I go.


Massive thank you to Giselle for taking the time to share her story with us and for being such a wonderful campaigner for Apt Cavalier. 

If you would like to follow Giselle’s journey then please go and follow her instagram at @g.stent.eventing and stay tuned for the next instalment of “Meet the Cavaliers”. 

Sarah x

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