Meet the Cavaliers - Elise Rae

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Happy Friday everyone, I hope you are ready to meet our next Cavalier! Each ‘Meet the Cavaliers’ blog will focus on one of Apt Cavalier's biggest fans, from those who have been with us from the very start to some who literally have one of every item in our collection.

So here we go, let’s meet our next Cavalier is a lovely girl who I had the pleasure of meeting in our Trade stand at Floors Castle last season and I LOVE keeping up with her eventing journey, plus I’m posting another Apt Cavalier parcel to her just about every other week! Meet Elise…

AC: Who are you and where are you based?
E: My name is Elise Rae, I am a soon to be 20 year old (!!) event rider, based in Falkirk, Scotland.

AC: Can you tell us a bit about your horses and what you do with them?
E: I am extremely lucky to own two very sweet bay mares. Cara, who will be 10 this year has been with me for two event seasons. She’s taken me from grassroots to successfully competing at Novice level, where she has produced some stunning scores. My other girl Millie is a new addition. She will be 7 this year however, aims for her are to come out this season at BE80 and BE90 as she is still green, yet very willing and aims to please.


AC: What is your ultimate equestrian goal?
E: I think most eventers long-term goals would be to ride at 1 of the 5 Big B’s!!! However, after an injury at the end of last season, it makes me realise that to event at any level is a huge privilege and as long as we are out and having fun that’s what matters the most.
AC: What was it about Apt Cavalier that made you want to invest in our brand?
E: My first ever AC product was my Black Gilet purchased from Floors Castle HT, one of my favourite events. I met Sarah and her team who were so extremely welcoming (as I was there myself) and it was lovely to put faces to the names seen online, which is where I found out about this amazing brand. What stood out to me was the customer service and the lengths Sarah goes too to make sure the customer is happy and satisfied. She evens writes you a unique little note in every order to show her appreciation for your custom!


AC: What is your favourite AC product and why?
E: My favourite AC product has got to be the Performance Skins/Base Layers. The first colour to start my collection was Black. Which made my XC colours look very sleek and stylish paired with my usual emerald hat and gloves. The best feature has to be the mesh panel on the back, in the hot stuffy summer we had last season, every time I wore this XC I was always as cool at the end as I was the start of the course. I think the black is so flattering on and is comfortable enough to wear under your show shirt for a quick change after disciplines. If this is something you already have in your AC collection, take a look at the short-sleeved ones which can be layered for warmth, they do not disappoint!!!

We also love that Elise's boyfriend has also started his very own Apt Cavalier collection! There really is something for everyone at AC. 


Massive thank you to Elise for chatting with us and for always being such a fantastic campaigner for the AC brand.
If you would like to follow Elise's season then please go and follow her on Instagram here and we will see you next week for the next instalment of “Meet the Cavaliers”. 
Sarah x

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