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Each ‘Meet the Cavaliers’ blog will focus on one of Apt Cavalier's biggest fans, from those who have been with us from the very start to some who literally have one of every item in our collection.

This week we have been chatting with Caz Mosley, although you most likely know her as Orange Fox Eventing. I’ve followed her on Facebook for a long time but had the pleasure of meeting her at Floors last year and I can confirm she absolutely is as nice and as enthusiastic as she appears online. Since then she’s built up quite the AC collection and now has a Show shirt, 2x Performance Skins, Leggings, Breggings and a Gilet.

So let’s find out a bit more about her and her string of horses…

AC: Who are you and where are you based?
C: I’m Caz Mosley (maiden name Fox hence my Orange Fox Eventing - orange is my favourite colour so it seemed like a good name!) and I’m based near Peebles in the Scottish Borders.

AC: Can you tell us a bit about your horses and what you do with them? 
C: Dwina de Cavron (Dwinababes/Dweens) 15yo, Belgium Warmblood.
Eventing is my main hobby and I tend to focus on the three phases of this with Dwina who shas competed up to Intermediate with me. We did do a working hunter last year but mostly it was to practice jumping on grass!

Fairlea Amaisin (Evie) 5yo ISH, I've had her since she was 3yo and she has matured very slowly but this year is her year to really get out and about and see the world. I will ultimately aim for eventing with her, but she will also do all round things such as Trec, local riding club, a bit of showing and whatever we fancy doing along the way! She won't be tried side saddle until she is at least 6yo. I am hopeful she will be a good eventer and will do Novice/2* etc once she is established. For now, I'm just going to have some fun and we will see where we get.

Cwmtynant Welsh Pilot (Pi), 15yo section D, only recently joined the team as we lost out lovely old companion pony. We wanted another companion but at a useful size that he can chum Evie on hacks and do some of the Trec things in the summer. He's basically a spare and is fun, sweet, typical welsh, but sensible which is exactly what we wanted. I may do some summer Trec with him, and once fit I think he will love trips to the gallops!
Mr Bumble b (Bumble), 16.2hh 7yo – Bumble is brand new and just arrived this week! He’s evented at BE90 and I’m excited to get out and have fun with him. He’s settled in with the herd so well and has definitely made himself very much at home already.

AC: What is your ultimate equestrian goal?
C: Ooh ultimate goal is difficult as I used to have my goal as competing at Blair in the 1*, then when I achieved it and did it twice with two different horses, I had to then change it!

I wanted to do Badminton grassroots but then changed the goal to do BE Intermediate which would rendered me ineligible for grassroots! I'm so chuffed to have achieved Intermediate and completed several of them on two horses as it stands.

My continual goal is to always try to improve. I ride a tricky mare so we don't get the best of dressage scores but I am always chipping away to do better. I am also the slowest XC rider as I prefer to make each jump right and not have any hairy moments so I tend to do a lot of setting up for fences just to 'make sure' which means we lose a bit of speed - something I'm always working on trying to improve!
I've been lucky enough to achieve another goal last season which was to complete an advanced! Wowzers it was massive and yes I didn't go fast and we did pick up 20 penalties meaning I would like to definitely have another go to prove I can do it properly but I'm lucky that I have a horse capable and let’s see what happens next. This year is going to be a step back year for me due to finances so I suspect it may be the only time I can ride an advanced track however we did it and came home safe and grinning so all good!

I find the positives in everything I do. I was seriously injured in a car accident a few years ago and feel incredibly lucky that I can do what I do. At some point I am sure I will need to stop but for now I just enjoy every small challenge and try to hit the smaller goals to eventually lead to bigger ones.



AC: What was it about Apt Cavalier that made you want to invest in our brand? 

C: I bought my first top as I loved the design and wanted something modern, comfortable and lightweight. I then bought the xc tops and decided to ditch my orange printed top for the AC ones as they are far more comfortable. My husband is also happy as he can't cope with the amount of orange and likes that its diluted slightly!



AC: What is your favourite Apt Cavalier product and why? 

C: The XC top, its comfortable, lightweight and perfect either on it’s own on a hot day or as a layered top when it’s a bit breezy. I've worn it will all my AC tops together and it worked a treat!

I do also love the Breggings and hope you might bring out a light grey pair in the future.

(watch this space Caz!)


Thanks so much to Caz for taking the time to let us into her world – that was a fantastic read and we can’t wait to see her out on the eventing circuit this year. Follow Caz at Orange Fox Eventing  and look out for a bright orange flash whizzing past you on the XC course – chances are its her!
Sarah x


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