What's in a name?

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The question I get asked most is “What’s does Apt Cavalier mean?”

The answer is simple; if something is ‘Apt’ then it is fit for the purpose it was intended for and a ‘Cavalier’ is defined as a horseman.

Apt Cavalier literally means clothing that is suitable to ride in, and when I say ride, I mean really ride in.Everything we have created has been designed with the competitive rider in mind, from the shapes and silhouettes, to the intricate details and the fabrics and trimmings.

I love everything about the horse world, in particular my passion lies within British Eventing, therefore I am passionate about making a difference in the sport. Five years ago, everyone was trotting around the warm up ring with iron stirrups, chunky skull caps and standard body protectors, but now we see people with bright coloured plastic stirrups, lightweight, vented helmets, and not forgetting the amazing transition from old school body protectors to innovative air jackets. These products are adventurous and exciting PLUS they are even making our sport safer.

We want to be part of that.

We have journeyed to Italy, Germany, Sweden and even Switzerland to bring you the absolute best innovative technical fabrics on the market because we want to make you, the rider, as comfortable as possible. Our fabrics include qualities such as muscle support, UV protection, moisture management, exceptional breathability, stain resistance (VERY important when working with horses!!), 4-way stretch, pilling resistance, fast drying and super soft touch to name a few.

All this AND we make all of our performance clothing in specialist sportswear factories right here in the UK, therefore we guarantee that are garments are the absolute best of British quality.

So, what does Apt Cavalier mean? The answer is everything. The name is everything we stand for.

I can’t wait to see you out and about wearing our brand and making a difference. 



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