Why body confidence is important to us

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I know some of you must be wondering why you are seeing my face popping up on our Facebook page and website more and more. 

The reason is quite simple; it’s because I’m average. 


I don’t mean that in a negative way and I’m not trying to put myself down at all. Realistically, I think I’m alright looking; I’m a slim, muscular, 28 year old size ten however, I don’t exactly look like those gorgeous, skinny, toned babes we see on on the covers of magazines and staring back at us from every single clothing advert. 

I’ve got big boobs, horse-rider thighs, wide calves, short legs, a slightly squint smile and my hands give me away as the outdoor girl I am. Throughout the photoshoot my hair got wilder and wilder every time I changed outfits, I was semi-awkward most of the time and I was wearing thee biggest pair of Spanx the world has ever seen. So, why did I put myself in front of the camera? I did it because body positivity is important to me and putting myself in front of the camera and using these photos on my website instead of hiring a model with a perfect body is the correct way to showcase my brand. I am the definition of the average equestrian, working my butt off to live my best horsey life, just like my customers. 


On the rare occasion I go clothes shopping I feel uninspired by the gorgeous models because I know I won’t look half as good as they do in the clothes and it makes me hesitant to click that ‘buy now’ button. I want my customers to look at my website and browse our Social Media thinking “I’d look great in that”. I want you to look at my website and feel inspired by me, and the familiar faces of AC sponsored riders, Jodie and Giorgia because the three of us are real woman who are working hard, riding everyday, pushing wheelbarrows, snacking on the go and drinking wine at the weekend. Real life woman, living our lives and feeling fabulous in Apt Cavalier. 


Sarah x


Photos by Stevie Purves Photography

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