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Here at Apt Cavalier we love to support other Equestrian businesses, so when I was approached by a lovely little lifestyle company called Horsely approached me to test a couple of their products I was delighted to do so. 

I was thrilled to review their gorgeous Minimalistic Marble Watch as I have been searching for the perfect watch for months; something that’s beautiful and stylish but at the same time, something that I won’t be scared to wear to the yard. When my Horsely delivery arrived (very quickly by the way) I was blown  away by it’s simple elegance and after wearing it to work, riding and around the yard for over a week, I am fully convinced it’s the EXACT watch I’ve been searching for!

Although I am a fairly small person, I unfortunately was not blessed with dainty wrists so was slightly worried that it would be too small. However this timepiece comes with a metal strap which is flexible, comfortable and super easy to adjust so it is guaranteed to fit every single wrist.

On their website, this watch it is described as “splash proof” but I’ve plunged it into a bucket of water, soaked it with the hose and sprayed it with mud on more than one occasion with absolutely no water leaking into the face of the watch, nor is there a scratch on it.

Horsely were also kind enough to send me their gorgeous Braided Belt in red, white and navy which matches my cross-country colours perfectly- their attention to detail is fantastic. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that the belt is super stretchy which makes it incredibly comfortable to wear while riding. It is great quality and is now an every-day essential for me.

All in all I’m extremely impressed with both of these products and can happily say I will be purchasing more items from Horsely very soon-  their Floral Print Casual Top is going to be a summer must have!

Check out their website here:  

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