The hoody you never knew you needed ...

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With just a few days left of our January sale let’s talk about one of my favourite bargains- the Coolmax Performance Hoody.
Now, why would you buy another Hoody? You’ve got a load in the wardrobe at home already, right? Well, you can trust me when I say that our Performance Hoody is one of those products that you might not think you need, but once you’ve worn it, you’ll never want to take it off.

If you’re in love with our Leggings, Performance skins and S/S base layers then you will not be disappointed with our Coolmax Performance Hoody as they boast the same top British-made quality and are made from high performance fabric whichis expertly designed to regulate your temperature and keep you comfortable at all times. This basically means that they let the heat escape to keep you cool and dry on hot days, whilst fibre structures in the fabric provide insulation and warmth on cold days. In other words, banish fast fashion and buy one great hoody (which will look brand new wash after wash by the way) that you can wear it all year round.

Oh, before I finish, it’s also the comfiest and most versatile Hoody you will ever put on; wear around the yard, to the gym, lounging at home as well as out riding -don’t forget to pull the hood up over your helmet to protect your ears from the wind.

So there you have it, a guaranteed family favourite: me, my non-horsey-other-half and my Mum all love our matching hoodys!


Sarah x


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