The AC Badminton 2019 Ones To Watch

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IT’S THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR – the Badminton entries list has been released!!

I look forward to this moment every single year – who’s been accepted? Who’s on the waitlist? How many are before Ben Hobday on the waitlist?? It’s nine btw.

This year’s starting list looks as thrilling as ever so I thought I would do a quick rundown of some of the horses and riders I will be keeping an eye on throughout the competition. Before I begin please be aware that my data is only as accurate as the results on the new British Eventing website, so as far as I can see they are correct but please forgive me/let me know if results are wrong. I have also written this using new format terminology i.e. when I say 4* I mean old 3* and 5* means old 4*.

Anyway, let’s get to it. As always, the Brits, Kiwis and Aussies are out in force and it’s nice to see the Irish strongly represented. There are also four riders for both France and Sweden although I am slightly disappointed there is no Ludwig Svennerstål, arguably the coolest guy in Eventing. Just two for Germany this year but I very much doubt they will be worried as a nation with Ingrid Klimke and Horseware Hale Bob OLD on the case.

Who are my 2019 not-so-obvious ones to watch?

So, you’ve got your obvious super stars that we fan-girl over as soon as we are in a 10m radius of them but here are some superstars that I think you should be keeping an eye on;

1.    Emily Philp riding Camembert – as far as I am aware Emily is a 5* first timer but her 4* record on this horse is incredible. They have been double clear in ten out of twelve 4* starts and there’s certainly nothing cheesy about that (sorry, I’ll show myself out).  I’m going to tip Emily for the highest placed first timer.

2.    Tom Jackson & Carpa du Buisson Z – a very impressive pair with great form over 4*, racking up just 20 penalties across ten runs. They also achieved an impressive double clear in this horse’s first 5* in Pau last year which saw them finish in 13th place.  

3.    Georgie Spence on either of her rides are bound to impress. Halltown Harley has six out of seven double clears at 4* and jumped clear XC with just one pole falling in his Badminton debut last year while Wii Limbo already has five XC clears out of seven 5* runs.

4.    Harry Mutch and HD Bronze who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Apt Cavalier stand at Floors International last year have been on incredible form this year already, gaining second place and their Badminton qualification in the CCI4* (Long) at Barroca in Portugal. Another first timer who I recon will be an exciting partnership to watch.

What riders will I absolutely not leave the couch within a 20 minutes radius of?

Granted, it’s a pretty obvious list but these are my all-time favourite combinations to watch;

1.    Christopher Burton on ANYTHING!
2.    Oliver Townend riding Cillnabradden Evo – one of my favourite horses of all time.
3.    Jonelle Price & Classic Moet because girl power!!
4.    Gemma Tattersall riding Arctic Soul because I want to see just how fast they can go.
5.    Padraig McCarthy & Mr Chunky – mostly because I love the name but also because they deliver a masterclass every time. My bet is we will see them standing pretty high in the presentation line up.
6.    Clare Abbott riding Euro Prince – because it’s always exciting.


Who am I willing off the waitlist?

1.    Danielle Dunn & Zocarla BLH because she’s just so damn cool.
2.    Ben Hobday & Harelaw Wizard because can we even call it Badminton without Ben ‘Yeh Boi’ Hobday?
3.    Kirsty Short & Cossan Lad because a British 5* wouldn’t be complete without Bouncer taking a stride out at the biggest spread on the course.


Who am I predicting as the 2019 Badminton Horse Trials Champion?

Tricky one this year but my money is on Tom McEwan and Toledo de Kerser.


Find the full start list here: 

What do you think, have I missed anyone? Only six weeks to go.... 


Sarah x 

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