Surviving the “Beast from the East” - how to stay warm!

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Brace yourselves- the “Beast from the East” is here!While non-horsey folk are tucked up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate, us equestrians are battling through driving snow with overflowing wheelbarrows and never ending hay nets. As temperatures dip and Spring seems to creep further and further away, it’s important to stay warm; so I thought I would give you some of my top tips.

Layers. Layers are your best friend. You need layers so that you start the day warm- cold muscles lead to injuries so layer. it. up.

Start with an AC Performance Skin with one of our Short Sleeved base layers on top: this is a winning combination discovered by our Sponsored rider Jodie. The Performance Skin has both compression and temperature regulating qualities and is completed by our mesh panel at the back which means it will keep you cozy, support you muscles and will dramatically reduce sweat under all those layers- this works best when the mesh is against your skin which is why this top goes on first. 

The S/S base layer is made with thick, incredibly soft, fast drying fabric and is both mine and Jodie’s favourite Apt Cavalier product- which is a pretty bold statement. When combined with our skin it creates an incredibly warm and comfortable base without the bulk.

Next, add the Performance Hoody- made of amazing Coolmax fabric which keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s a comfortable fit and is made to really move in; be it riding (the hood pulls up over your helmet to keep your ears warm) or mucking out.

Throw a gilet on top- I’m a serious campaigner for keeping your torso warm but limiting the bulk around your arms and shoulders. This is your base outfit: Skin, Base Layer, Hoody, Gilet. You can comfortably ride in it, muck out in it, shovel snow in it, dig your car out, walk the dog, take a nap in the straw, whatever you want.

Now add the rest- I begin the day with a proper ski jacket on top that comes off once I get moving (remember I said it was important to start off warm). Make sure you have winter breeches, it’s really important that your thighs don’t suffer in the wind when you are riding: my favourites come from Decathalon- amazingly warm and only about £15.00!

Accessories: gloves, hat and footwear!
My favourite gloves for around the yard are Mark Todd Thinsulate gloves and for riding I wear Ariat Insulated Tek Grip Gloves. My AC bobble hat is still by far the coziest hat I’ve come across and I always have at least two pairs of socks on at all times- one thick winter pair over another pair of normal thickness cotton socks.

Your footwear needs to be waterproof and cozy. I’m currently looking to upgrade after my Premier Equine yard boots have given up the ghost and I’ve got my eye on a pair of Rudd’s Wellies (if you haven’t heard of them you have to Google them immediately).

So there you have it: your head to foot winter warmer guidelines. Stay warm and send us a message if you have any questions or want to know more about any of our products.




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