*Official Announcement re. Performance Skins* 28.07.17

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Here at Apt Cavalier, we strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction, which means our garments are tested and tested again to ensure we are delivering garments of the highest quality possible which will last wash after wash. After many wash tests on multiple colour-variations of our Performance Skins we came across just one incident where the darker colour had slightly seeped into the lighter colour following a second wash test. Even though this is just one of the many tops we tested, we cannot risk releasing a garment which may disappoint a customer.

We have made the decision to remove the contrasting panel on the shoulder of our Performance Skins, to ensure we avoid any possibility of this happening again. This panel was 100% aesthetic, and this change does not affect the performance of the garment in any way.

This top still features our signature mesh panel at the back which generates maximum opportunity for heat to escape, making this one of the most breathable tops you will ever ride in. The top is still silky and soft, providing optimum comfort and well as superior muscle support. This top is still stain resistant, oil repellent, anti-pilling, and has built in UV protection.

This decision was also made in time to avoid delaying our shipment by more than just a couple of days, therefore our Skins are now due to be delivered late next week. This also gave us the opportunity to photograph both the old and the new version of the top during our shoot on Sunday, which is why the old version features in our recent product video.

We are so excited to get these Performance Skins on sale to you and are now even more confident that you will love them and that they will look brand new wash after wash.

Colours that will be available are:
Bright burgundy with black mesh panel and White Apt Cavalier branding
White with Black mesh panel and black Apt Cavalier branding
Black with black mesh panel and white Apt Cavalier branding
Navy with black mesh panel and white Apt Cavalier branding

Thank you for your continued support!



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