Introducing our #ForTheRider campaign

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Winter is a bizarre time – the majority of people are getting super excited for movies by the fire, present shopping and praying for that dusting of snow on Christmas morning.

Then there are the Equestrians. Summer is long gone, it’s dark, cold, miserable and snow is our definition of Hell on earth! Winter means we wave goodbye to Eventing for six months and say hello to wet rugs, dirty horses and never ending mucking out; or to put it another way, twice the work for half the fun.

But in all seriousness, Winter is tough.

I know that I get a real downer when my season is over; all of a sudden you have nothing to work towards, you can’t get out riding as much and motivation can be a really hard thing to find.

However, for all of Winter’s negatives, I want to highlight the positives. Yes, this time of year means less riding, but it also means more time to work on yourself and focus on your needs. We spend so much time and money making sure our horses receive the best care possible, we often forget about ourselves.

Here at Apt Cavalier we are launching our #ForTheRider campaign because we want all of you, the riders, to remember just how important you are! Over the next month we will be releasing a series of blogs from a number of equestrian industry experts, all of which are beautifully written and designed to help you to make the most of these long winter months by encouraging a healthy body and mind.

We have a huge amount of topics to cover and we know you are going to find them incredibly inspiring. So, keep an eye on our page and share any of the blogs that you find interesting or helpful – let’s spread the word and encourage as many riders as possible look after their own health and happiness!

Plus, we will also hear from some very special guests who have spoken to us about how they look after themselves and ensure that they are always competition ready.

We created our #ForTheRider campaign because Apt Cavalier is all about the riders and we want you to know that YOU are important!

Sarah x

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