#ForTheRider - 5 ways horses teach us to be a great friend

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Navigating through winter with a horse is hard. The weather, the short days, their temperamental behaviour and everything just feels harder and takes longer to do. You'll have plenty of 'why do I do this?' moments but the lifelong friendship always outweighs the moments of despair.

Horses are beautiful, intelligent and full of character. Not only are they pets but they teach us a lot about ourselves. They provide companionship and a unique friendship too. For many, going to the yard is an escape from the worries of every day. It is the perfect opportunity to clear your mind, get away from technology and enjoy being outside.

When you think of your horse it is likely you see them as a friend more than a pet. They are always there for you at the end of whatever kind of day you've had, they instantly put a smile on your face and fill your heart with love, appreciation and happiness.     

As a friend coach I give advice to women on friendships including how to be a great friend. Sometimes the answer is right in front of us. There is a reason that our horses are such a huge part of our lives and why we will venture out come rain or snow to provide their every need. Without knowing it, they provide all the qualities of a great friend and we can learn alot from them to use in our own friendships too.

5 ways horses teach us to be a great friend:

They listen without judgement - Listening to other people without judgement is a fantastic way of being a great friend. Sometimes all people want is an ear to listen. Most people want to unload their worries, concerns and fears without the need for you to give advice. Remember to listen and to give your opinion only if they ask for it.

They put complete trust in you - Horses are flight animals which taking their size into consideration too can also mean they are dangerous. By having a mutual trust in each other, you do incredible things. Trust is a big part of all friendships and you should always have each others best interests at heart.   

They are always truly them -, Every horse is different. They have unique quirks and the best personalities from grumpy to playful. Horses are unforgivingly them, no matter what. Friendships should be the same. Always encourage your friend to follow their dreams, reach for their goals and always be true to themselves.  

They know what you're thinking before you do - Horses have the best sense of the type of mood you're in, what sort of day you've had or how you're feeling. Make sure you pay the same attention to your friends and know when they aren't quite themselves so that you can help.

You learn from each other which makes your friendship grow - The secret to friendships is that they flow. It is not enough to simply be friends with someone. Instead friendships need work, effort, encouragement and support to flourish.


If you want to learn more about how to make rewarding and real friendships visit www.howtomakefriends.co.uk


Blog by Gemma Scopes 


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