BEu18s & supporting the future of the sport- Meet Daisy Job

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We know that it is extremely important to invest in the future of our sport, so we are super excited to be sponsoring the Scottish BEu18 100 team who are heading down to the championships at Frickley this week. Each and every one of the team have ridiculous amounts of talent and are destined for very exciting futures on the event circuit. 

Vice team captain Daisy Job talks to us about how her and Player have been preparing for the championships...


My name is Daisy Job and I’m an u18 Scottish event rider.

Next week my horse, Player, and I are heading with our fantastic team mates, coaches, coordinators, parents, friends and sponsors to Frickley Park. We are competing as part of Team Scotland at the u18 Championships.

I would firstly like to say a massive thank you to Sarah for being so generous. She has sponsored the u18 100 team with lovely team jackets as well as the 1* with hat silks! Thank you Sarah we are so grateful and can’t wait to wear them!!

Player is very much part of the family, my mum bred him out of her mare and we have done everything with him. He is so special to us all and I enjoy working with him every single day! We all love his cheeky character, he always makes us laugh and he thinks that he is actually called ‘Handsome’.

Our main aim for our preparation for the championships has been and is to keep Player at his happiest and healthiest. We have kept him in his usual routine - he likes to have structure and know what’s going on. To keep Player as happy as possible we have kept our preparation as close to how it would be for a one day event; dressage training, showjumping training as well as an increased amount of hacking to boost his fitness further. He is in superb condition and with thanks to his TopSpec Performance cubes he is in the best shape possible!!

Other preparations have included being visited by Libby Lindsey from Physio Plus. We are extremely lucky to be sponsored by her and are really enjoying working with Libby. She came to check Player last Friday. He has now gained his newest nickname of ‘Lurpak Spreadable’. Aptly named by Libby after a glowing session
of him having a body like butter, Mr Perfect loved the extra attention and complements!!

Player is a wonderful horse to have a partnership with and I am so lucky to be learning so much from him. I hope that he continues to be his cheerful self at Frickley Park - we are really looking forward to being down there with the whole team!!


Apt Cavalier wished Daisy and the whole team the best of luck at the championships this week.


Photos of Daisy and Player by Daisy's sponsor Stevie Purves Photography 

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