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It’s unbelievable how excited I get when I hear great feedback from our customers – it makes me incredibly proud to have created a range of clothing that riders actually love wearing. In fact, you guys love your AC products so much that 33% of our sales in 2018 have come from returning customers- which means that you guys bought and loved our products last year and are continually coming back for more! 

However, one sentence that sticks with me from last year comes from AC brand ambassador, Giorgia who said to me “I need to get the Black Performance Skin because I don’t want to ruin the Navy one, I want to save that for cross country”.  
It struck me that many riders will rock about the yard in their old, shabby clothes daily and save their performance wear for competitions and training clinics – I know I certainly used to do just that. I’d put up with being sweaty and uncomfortable on a daily basis for exactly the same reason as Giorgia: because I wanted to keep my best gear for when I was out competing. 

Here at Apt Cavalier we won’t put up with you getting sweaty or being an uncomfortable temperature be it hot or cold. We believe that its important to innovate your everyday yard experience – you deserve to be comfortable every single day, not just when you are out somewhere fancy. After all, you wouldn’t buy you’re horse a custom fit, top of the range saddle and then ride him in an ill-fitting, battered old saddle every day, would you? 


Apt Cavalier products are built to last. Take our performance skin for example; the fabric actually has built in stain resistant qualities and looks brand new wash after wash. Additionally, I wore mine to clip my very hairy beast the other day and the hair actually slid straight off the fabric rather than sticking to me and making me an itchy and agitated mess – result! 

My Performance Skin, Hoody and Softshell have been essentials this winter but I am extremely happy that I can now substitute my thermal breeches for AC leggings and wear my Spring Training Tee and Gilet on a daily basis once again! 
Join me in innovating your everyday experience and ensure you stay comfortable every single ride!  



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