Apt Cavalier: behind the brand

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Happy Friday everyone! As the Eventing season creeps closer and closer (hurrah!) I wanted to talk to you a bit more about what Apt Cavalier is all about, and why I am so proud of the brand I have worked so hard to build. It was always my intention to create a brand that riders would love to ride in so here’s a few reasons why we have so many happy customers…


1. Quality

This is a big one as a quality brand is one that will stand the test of time. Superior quality was, and still is, one of my highest priorities when developing new products for our range; it is absolutely essential that our garments will not fall apart in the wash or look scruffy after a couple of rides. With this is mind, I spent well over a year sourcing and testing hundreds of fabrics until I found the perfect ones for each garment. All of our fabric comes from reputable and experienced manufactures based in Italy, Germany and the UK and is of a superbly high quality. I have ridden in Apt Cavalier day in, day out since my samples arrived at the start of last year and I can proudly say that every single item comes out of my washing machine still looking and feeling brand new.


2. Innovation 

A lot of people talk about innovation, but what does it actually mean? Simply put, it means a new idea, usually something to solve a problem. I didn’t just make a collection of beautiful riding tops, instead I thought about the problems I experienced while riding and how performance clothing could solve these. This is where my careful and deliberate placement of our mesh panels comes in. For example, the triangle of Mesh on our Show Shirts and Short Sleeved Base Layers is perfectly positioned to allow your body heat to rise and escape out through the mesh, keeping you cool and comfortable whether you are wearing them with or without a show jacket.


3. Experience

When people ask me why I started my own Equestrian Performance brand, my reply is simply because it made sense. I have a BAHons in Fashion Design and have ridden since I was eight years old. It was around the age of about 16 I fell wildly in love with Eventing after riding in the Pony Club Eventing teams and attending the National Championships as an Individual. Naturally I have combined my two expertise areas and created a brand that works practically for both the manufacture side and the riding side. I am out riding with and competing against my customers which I find so rewarding; it means I always know what you guys want from a brand such as Apt Cavalier because I want it too!


4. British

Supporting the British economy and British employment is extremely important to me. Yes, I could get my garments made cheaper overseas but supporting British Manufacturing is much more rewarding for me. Not only can I visit my factories on a regular basis to brainstorm ideas and see their excellent working conditions but it also guarantees my customers extremely high quality genuine British-made garments. 


5. Apt

Our clothing is fit for the purpose it was created for: it is apt. Everything has the movement and support for Equestrian athletes to ride in, and I mean really ride in.  It’s not just the fit of our garments that make them so incredibly fit for purpose, but our fabric also has advanced technical qualities including muscle support, UV protection, intense breathability, oil and stain resistance, temperature control, quick drying, moisture management and four way stretch. In a world of sports innovation, I am passionate about ensuring that our sport doesn’t get left behind. All riders are athletes and I have created a brand which will ensure that you are supported and comfortable, meaning you can perform at your very best at all times.


If you want to know more about anything I have talked about in thie article then please do not hesitate to send me an email to info@aptcavalier.com as I would love to hear from you.


Happy riding,

Sarah x

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